Syston Cable Technology’s premium enhanced Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Strength:

►Capable of exceeding 1000 BASE-TX, for super-fast and reliable data transfers

►Includes a noise-reducing spline, so there’s no ‘cross talk’ (interference from nearby wires)

►Flexible and easy to strip, so you or your customers can easily install it, even around tight corners

►REELEX® coil, so the cable won’t tangle during installation

►RinoPac® packaging, so the cable won’t get crushed or damaged by water during transport or storage, and so it’s easy to hold the box while you’re installing the cable

►A ripcord underneath the jacket, to make it easy to remove during installation

►Third-party verified for guaranteed performance, so it will stand up to your needs or those of your customers

►RoHS compliant, so you can rest easy knowing it doesn’t contain hazardous substances that could harm you, your employees, or your customers (more information about this is in our Green Leaf Label) Legend markings for channels, rooms, and zones so installation is faster and easier

►Ascending and descending E-Z footage markings, so there’s no need for a measuring tape during installation

►Sunlight-resistant (it complies with the UL 1581 standard in regard to resistance to sunlight in outdoor installations), so it can be installed outdoors if desired

►CMP (Plenum-Rated) and CMR(Riser-Rated) flame-retardant, for peace of mind in case of fire

►Operates in a wide range of temperatures, so it can be installed in most parts of North America

►Versatile applications including transferring up to 1 gigabit of data per second (gigabit Ethernet), analog signals, and high definition video signals, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications including data centers, super high-speed applications, home networks, routers, office networks, gaming (Xbox, POE, PS3, and PS4), CCTV cameras, and even as a phone line