Color insulated conductors for the wiring of 0-10V light dimming applications are gray and violet.  Starting from January 1, 2022, there was a color change for 0-10V Dimming Control Wiring. NEMA Wire & Cable Section and Lighting Systems Division’s Joint Section Committee has decided on a new color to replace the gray control conductor once paired with the violet. Manufacturers and installers have to take note.

What Color is Changing?

In NEMA’s Bulletin No. 119, Identification of Lighting and Control Conductor Insulation, which was approved in April 2020, the decision was made to replace the gray color with pink. From now on, the pair of control conductors for 0-10V control would be pink and violet.

To help aid in the visualization of the color change, NEMA provided the below colors as acceptable for the pink and violet pairing.


Why the Color Change for 0-10V Dimming Control Wiring ?

In the 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC) (NFPA-70) there is a new code stating, “field-connected control conductor shall not be of a color reserved for the grounded branch-circuit or the equipment grounding conductor.” Thus NEMA’s response with Bulletin No. 119 Identification of Lighting and Control Conductor Insulation.

One reason for the change is an effort to reduce confusion when wiring branch-circuit conductors and field-connected control conductors. The new color pairing will make it easy to determine which wires are okay to connect for a certain project. Another would be to provide a standard and agreement in the industry as to which colored conductors are for which purpose.

The change also can aim to reduce accidents or injuries due to miswiring low voltage luminaires, keeping installers safer.

What to do with Gray?

Fear not, if news of the color change is worrisome. Manufacturers and installers will have some time to adjust to the change.

Manufacturers were allowed some time to make the changes for the cables as well as things like specification sheets, instructions, wiring diagrams, etc. Installers do not have to remove or reinstall already completed projects. Installers can mark the gray colored control conductors with “Marking tape, painting, or other effective means.”

The color change for 0-10V Dimming Control Wiring change from gray and violet to pink and violet was decided by NEMA to comply with the change made by NEC. The change will reduce confusion, increase safety for installers and give manufacturers a standard color pairing to follow.

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*Written by Syston Cable Team*

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