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Syston Cable Technology’s premium Duraflex® Cables series are built to the highest quality standards with an uncompromising attention to detail. Pure copper stranding and a proprietary premium polyolefin jacket compound provide an unmatched combination of durability and flexibility.

All Duraflex® cables are UV resistant and are suitable for continuous outdoor use under all weather conditions. Duraflex® provides durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

Manufactured from a company with more than 3 decades of experience in the landscape wire, Duraflex® cables is possibly the best cables in the landscape wire industry.

Duraflex technology for cables by Syston

Features & Benefits

  • Insulated/Jacketed conductors are flat duplex construction designed for easy tear-down during installation
  • Tested physically & electrically in accordance with NEC standards 
  • E-Z footage marking with ascending and descending order 
  • 100% RoHS Compliant. Free from restricted metals and hazardous compounds 
  • Approved for Outdoor Use (Sunlight Resistant)
  • Suitable for Direct Burial Stranded Copper Conductor Black Premium Polyolefin Insulation/Jacket
  • 100% RoHS Compliant. Free from restricted metals and hazardous compounds.

Splicing Recommendations

Model DBR/Y-6, manufactured by the 3M Company or Silicone-filled wire nuts as manufactured by IDEAL Industries.

Duraflex® is the perfect choice for your landscape lighting project.



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