EZ-Pull ®

Smoother, Faster, Easier... That's EZ-Pull

Syston Cable Technology’s premium EZ-PULL® is our innovative technology that features round slick jacket with smooth edges that are easier to pull even through rough corners and edges. We applied Reelex® Coiling Technology ensure a tangle-free pull and hassle-free installation by eliminating the tangling inside the box. Our focus is to save you time & money by providing efficiency, productivity and safety. EZ-PULL® delivers peace of mind installation experiences.

EZ-Pull cable technology by Syston

Features & Benefits

  • Install Friendly, reduces pull-time on complex wiring jobs
  • Reduces the amount of friction created during wire pull
  • Cable coiled with REELEX® Technology to ensure tangle-free pull
  • A rip cord underneath the jacket provides for easy removal at installation 
  • Tested physically & electrically in accordance with NEC standards 
  • Legend markings for zones and rooms to save installation time
  • E-Z footage marking with ascending and descending order
  • Sunlight Resistant & RoHS Compliant for all PVC cables
  • 100% RoHS Compliant. Free from restricted metals and hazardous compounds. 
  • Combines indoor/outdoor applications into one product for all PVC cables with the added sunlight resistant feature to complies with UL 1581 requirement for outdoor installations.



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