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Sunlight Resistant

The Syston Cable Technology Riser Rated CMR Indoor/ Outdoor Sunlight Resistant cable is specifically designed for extreme sunlight and temperature applications. The level of UV blocking compounds is the same as in traditional Outside Plant (OSP) cable products preventing damage from long-term UV sunlight exposure.

Applications include cable installations that employ exterior runs having long-term outdoor exposure between two environmentally protected points. CMR Indoor/ Outdoor cables are designed to extend the run between the Network Interface Unit and the point of entry into the interior of a residence or a premise.

The Syston Cable Technology Riser Rated CMR Indoor/ Outdoor Sunlight Resistant cable has been tested to UL® 444 Sunlight Resistant. The Riser-Rated Cables combine indoor/outdoor applications into one product. Complies with UL 1581 sunlight resistance requirement for outdoor applications. In addition, the CMR listing allows the cable to be used in riser spaces per UL 1666, eliminating the need to transition to fire retardantd cables.

Syston Cable Technology provides the best performance and overall value fo for the Riser-Rated cables, which features a CMR flame-retardant jacket and is free from hazardous heavy metals and toxic chemicals that could make you, your family, or your staff sick, so it’s perfect for indoor use. It’s also sunlight-resistant, making it a great option for outdoor applications too.  

Sunlight Resistant Benefits

Sunlight resistant cables offer numerous benefits, including increased cable lifespan due to their ability to handle high and low temperatures and resist UV damage. The jacket material is also resistant to cracking over time. Using these cables can also help reduce inventory by eliminating the need for multiple cable types.

In addition, sunlight resistant cables have an increased lifespan when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. They can resist damp conditions that may weaken standard cable packages and enable both ends of a cable run to be easily identified without separate labeling or toning.

These cables are designed with easily identifiable conductor mates, even in low light environments, and utilize RhinoPac® coil technology to prevent tangling during installation. RhinoPac® packaging ensures that the cable won’t get crushed or damaged by water during transport or storage, and makes it easy to hold the box while installing the cable. Sunlight resistant cables are also flexible and easy to strip, making installation around tight corners simple for both you and your customers.

Syston Cable Technology Riser Rated Indoor/ Outdoor Cables are specifically designed to mitigate temperature build-up, offer exceptional energy efficiency and ensure performance over the lifetime of your system provided the performance benefits and ensure cable performance over the life of your system.


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