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Enhanced Sound Performance

Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® audio cable is our premium series that features 99.999% oxygen-free high-conductivity unshielded cables to delivers superior performance and ease of installation. They are specifically designed for applications where clear and enhanced sound quality is a key requirement. From PA systems to performers’ on-stage monitoring systems – sound quality determines the effectiveness of the system, and it is here that Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® audio cables make the difference.

Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® audio cables are constructed using an upright shaft manufacturing process. The result is a highly efficient, high-purity copper conductor that transmits superb sound quality. Exceptional audio clarity is also achieved by using polyolefin insulation, a distinctly better dielectric than traditional PVC. Polyolefin’s low capacitance gives the cable a superior high-frequency response, it also allows extended distance runs.

Designed for indoor, outdoor and burial applications. Conductors are colored for easy identification. Red denotes an active or positive terminal (hot); black indicates an inactive (reference or return) or negative terminal (cold); green indicates an earth (ground) terminal.

At Syston Cable Technology, we’re committed to raising standards, continuously innovating and developing superior cable solutions for today’s evolving technologies. Engineered and tested to exceed the highest quality standards, Syston Cable Technology produces the most trusted and complete selection of low-voltage cable today.

Pure technology for speaker wire by Syston

Installation Advantages

Installers will benefit from easy identification features that aid installation and increase customer satisfaction. These features include E-Z footage jacket marking with ascending and descending order and room and zone legends on the cable jackets. The round, slick and halogen-free jackets also make the cables suitable for situations where there is an increased need to protect human life or valuable materials.

Benefits and Features

Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® oxygen-free high-conductivity audio cables offer many advantages over competitive products:

  • High-conductivity oxygen-free copper transmits consistently pure sound
  • Low-capacitance polyolefin insulation delivers superior high-frequency response and allows extended distance runs
  • Clear and precise sound transmission
  • Print legends for easy location identification. Legend markings for channels, rooms and zones to save installation time
  • E-Z footage jacket marking with ascending and descending order
  • Cable coiled with REELEX® Technology to ensure tangle-free pull
  • Easy-to-pull constructions, Extra-Flexible & Round Jacket. Install Friendly 
  • Sunlight Resistant & RoHS Compliant for PVC cables. For indoor and outdoor use, Combines indoor/outdoor applications into one product. Complies with the UL 1581 sunlight resistance requirement for outdoor installations. 
  • Highly stranded copper conductors make installation easier
  • Designed with the smallest outer diameter to reduce the cable space required


Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® Audio Cables are ideal for use in:

• Intercom/PA systems
• Sound/audio systems
• Security systems
• Speaker systems
• Home theatre and entertainment systems
• Stadium and arena speaker systems

Syston Cable Technology’s Pure® audio cables can be connected with all the common connectors, i.e. binding post, DIY screw on speaker connectors, Banana connectors, Two-pin connectors (DIN 41529), Fork connectors, Lockable loudspeaker connector – called Speakon® from Neutrik, XLR, Phone plugs and finally as bare wire inserted through the same hole and clamped or wrapped around the metal post and clamped. 

Syston Cable Technology offers a complete line of Pure® audio cables all available from a single source. 

The Pure® audio cables deliver distinctive sound performance and installation benefits.




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