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The Reelex® Coil *


Where it all happens

The product enters the guide tube and exits the wire guide which are connected to the traverse. The traverse is controlled via unique electronics and REELEX®-built drives for precise layering. The traverse moves back and forth and moves in sync with the rotation of the mandrel as the coil is wound.

The coil builds along the walls of the endforms, which require mathematically-derived curves designed to maintain coil shape and density. When the coil is finished winding, the outer endform attached to the endform arm is pneumatically removed, and the mandrel segments collapse. The coil is now removed from the machine and placed into its final package.

Parts of the Reelex® Coil


Coil Parameters

Reelex Coil Hole-Size-Explained-400x229

Payout Hole

The key to payout performance.

The hole size setting on all REELEX® machines can be adjusted in degrees of circumference. The larger the setting, the larger the payout hole, however the coil size will also increase.

Any payout hole larger than 120° may produce a coil that may collapse or cause the product to slip. The hole size should be chosen so that the machine or operator does not have a problem inserting the tube. REELEX I coils feature payout holes up to 60°, and REELEX II exhibit holes of 60° and greater.

REELEX® machines can also alter the shape of the hole via Taper and Shift settings. These settings can be used to “tweak” the coil, but also serve an important role when coiling especially slippery products or extremely long coil lengths, as they maintain payout hole integrity.

Reelex Gains-Explained

Gains and Crossovers

Art and science.

If you picture a series of figure-eights stacked atop one another, the “gain” controls the distance between these layers. Where the product crosses over itself is the “crossover”. These must be staggered, or else the coil would not be cylindrical.

The gain adjustments control the distances between wraps in a layer. Generally, the lower the gain, the less negative space in the coil and therefore the coil will be denser and result in a smaller diameter. However, if the gain goes too low the coil will start to increase in diameter, as layers have no where to go but build atop one another.

In addition to fine-tuning the diameter of the coil, the gains also adjust tension placed on the product within the coil. Higher gains will help ease the tension within the coil if the product being wound is sensitive to pressures or deformation.

Reelex Coil Density-Explained-400x229

Density Setting

Small adjustment, big effects.

The Density Program staggers the location of the crossovers so they occur at irregular intervals. In addition to allowing for increased coil density, the shifting of the crossovers have a significantly positive effect on the electrical performance of data cables such as Category 5e, Category 6 and more.

This means products that previously may have performed marginally in electrical testing can now be packaged in REELEX® with little or no degradation in performance. Density is especially useful in packaging foiled or shielded products, as well as high-end LAN cables such as Category 6a and Category 7 and 8.

The REELEX® trademark is required by the license agreement to be printed on all packages containing REELEX® technology. Every package made on a REELEX® machine should have a REELEX® mark located somewhere on the package. No logo? Think twice about installing that cable!

* Syston Cable Technology is Reelex® Licensee, REELEX® is a technological method of winding cable products on a specialized coiling machine. This specialized wind results for superior payout performance. It also helps dispenses cable smoother to prevent twists, kinks, snags, and tangles.


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