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What is RhinoPac®

Beyond the benefits the tangle and twist-free payout the REELEX® Coil provides, the Rhinopac® box provides additional benefits inherent in the package. 

Yet, while you may think a box is just a box. Think again!

Brown RhinoPac Box

What's so special about a Rhinopac®?

You mean, aside from the tangle and twist-free payout performance? Quite a lot. There’s a reason why the RhinoPac® box has become our standard package for a wide variety of small-diameter cabling.

Weather-Resistant RhinoPac Box

Weather - Resistant

Premium Grade – Durable & Tough

Box remain sturdy in high humidity and wet conditions in installer’s truck or put outside overnight.

Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant corrugated boxes withstand all types of harsh conditions. 

Made with water-resistant adhesive (WRA) for resistance to outdoor weather or rain.


Performance if Damaged

Damaged box? No problem!

Unlike spools which can be rendered unusable if dropped or damaged, the RhinoPac® coil will still dispense perfectly, even when the package isn’t so perfect.

Because the RhinoPac® Coil does not rely on any internal packaging component for payout, a destroyed package will still dispense. That means fewer returns, and happier customers.


Easty to carry, stack and store

Spools are awkward to carry, a pain to set up and often require extra equipment just to make their use easier. With RhinoPac®, the built-in handles make it easy to position and carry, and because there is no rotating mass, you can start dispensing whenever you want. No need for stands or brakes.

When shipping, no additional packaging is necessary. Just put on a label and send it out the door. And because RhinoPac® packages have no internal structure, they are far more lightweight than spools or reels.

Big Payout vs RhinoPac

Smaller Package Size

RhinoPac® design allows the coil to compress significantly. By allowing the cable to rest inside the cutaways of the payout tube, the package can be significantly narrower without sacrificing payout performance.

Compared to a standard box of Cat 5 or Cat 6, RhinoPac® boxes are up to 2.5-inches (63mm) narrower than equivalent big mouth payout tube boxes.

North American Pallet
European Pallet

Less size means more shipping.

By allowing the coil to compress and removing negative space, RhinoPac® offers a savings of 1 to 3 inches (up to 75 mm) in package width compared to existing big mouth payout tube packaging.

Less width translates to more boxes on a pallet and huge increases in shipping efficiency. Smaller boxes are also welcomed by the end-user, with improvements to logistics efficiencies and shelf space utilization.

This results in a potential 25 to 50% increase in shipping density compared to standard big mouth payout tube boxes depending on product type. Narrower boxes mean more boxes on shelves, less space in trucks and easier shipping and handling.

RhinoPac® FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the RhinoPac® trademark signifies that the coil inside is tangle free and the packaging is sturdy and weather resistant that will work as expected.

By allowing the coil to compress and removing negative space, RhinoPac® offers a savings of 1 to 3 inches (up to 75mm) in package width compared to big mouth payout tube box packaging. Less width translates to more boxes on a pallet and huge increases in shipping efficiency.  This is in a potential 25 to 50% increase in shipping density compared to big mouth payout tube boxes depending on product type. Narrower boxes mean more boxes on shelves, less space in trucks and easier shipping and handling. It’s actually cheaper to use RhinoPac® Box.

Yes. Moisture and Water Resistant are great features for RhinoPac® packaging. The boxes are made with water resistant adhesive (WRA) which resistance to outdoor weather or rain. Box will remain sturdy in high humidity and wet conditions.

Yes, RhinoPac® is 100% RoHS Compliant and environmentally friendly.

RhinoPac® is a strong packaging with added hand grips support and anchor tabs on areas that matter most! RhinoPac® uses dual reinforcement handles to prevents the box from tearing apart.

RhinoPac® box are multi-layer box design to maximize the firm handle and add strength to support heavier coils. RhinoPac® corrugated cardboard will stands up to the toughest conditions.

Yes, that’s another great feature on the RhinoPac® packaging. We use different color stripes for different type cables, and different label color for different jacket color. It is extremely easy to locate the type of cable and jacket color on the shelves and an extra-large label with enlarged part number and product description provide better visibility.  Cable usage chart is provided on the top of box to note how much cable is used and how much remains.

We’re excited you are looking to order. You can order through these channels or call us at (888)-679-7866 or email us at info@systoncable.com for more info.


* Syston Cable Technology is Reelex® Licensee, REELEX® is a technological method of winding cable products on a specialized coiling machine. This specialized wind results for superior payout performance. It also helps dispenses cable smoother to prevent twists, kinks, snags, and tangles.

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