The type of Security camera cables you will need depends on what type of surveillance system you will be working with and what you are trying to achieve.  There are several cable connection choices available whether you have an analog or  IP security camera system.

Type of Cables for Analog Security Cameras Systems                                                             

RG-59 Siamese cable has been the go-to cable for analog or HD-TVI security camera systems. It is used to send power to and receive video signals from your security cameras. Using network Ethernet cables for your analog system has many benefits, even if you have no requirements to connect to a network. Ethernet cables are typically less costly and can transmit data over a longer distance than traditional RG-59 Siamese cables and they exist in most new homes today. A fairly inexpensive video balun is required to convert an Ethernet cable to a BNC connection.

Type of Cables for Digital IP Security Cameras System                                                       

Currently, Cat 5e and Cat 6 are two popular twisted pairs cables commonly used to send both power and data to your IP security cameras. A 12-volt power supply will be required if sending power over your Ethernet cable (POE) is not an option. Ethernet cables can connect your IP security cameras to a residential or office network, which allows you to access, manage, and view your security cameras. Using Ethernet cables with a Power over Ethernet switch will allow you to connect and supply power to your security cameras.

Resolution & Bandwidth 1080P @ 10/mbps 4MP @ 20/mbps 4K @ 30/mbps
Cat5e – Unused Bandwidth 990/mbps 980/mbps 970/mbps
Cat6 – Unused Bandwidth @ under 165 feet 9,990/mbps 9,980/mbps 9,970/mbps
Cat6 – Unused Bandwidth @ 165 feet 990/mbps 980/mbps 970/mbps


Future-proof your Security Camera Cables                                                                             

Most IP security camera systems use less than 100-Mbps of bandwidth, making Cat5e cable a popular choice for most surveillance systems. However, Cat6 is gradually replacing Cat 5e for newer systems. Cat 6 can handle 10,000 Mbps of bandwidth in cable runs up to 165 feet and 1,000-Mbps from 165 feet to 328 feet. Cat 6 may be an ideal choice to future-proof your installation for future upgrades if your cable runs are less than 165 feet.

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**Written by Syston Cable Team**